Summer Market Vendor Spotlight: Eclectic Orchid

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Our vendor spotlight posts give you a chance to meet some of our amazing vendors before the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market on June 23rd at The Annex.  Please welcome Marcy from Eclectic Orchid:

I will be bringing some of my Memory Collector necklaces with me. They are a combination of salvaged buttons, repurposed chandelier crystals, vintage lockets, and an assortment of new pretties as well. Here is the story behind them:

Lindsay Wynne Photography

And as the years passed, she began to gather her collection of bits and baubles, trinkets of days gone by, reminders of what once was. As she positioned each one on the chain, she was flooded with memories, of happiness, of life, of love. Each piece had a story to tell, its history known only to her. And so, she would continue to collect her memories, sharing them with others to give them new meanings, new purposes, new tales to be told by those who came to cherish them…

Introducing my new Memory Collector necklaces! Each one is unique, with its very own story to tell. Collections of vintage beauties combine to make a unique and interesting work of wearable art! Each one is completely unique, one of a kind!
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