Summer Market Vendor Spotlight: Flytrap Clothing

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VTGCLT is popping up on June 18th at 514 N. College Street for the fifth annual Summer Market! Come out and spend the day shopping with over 60 of the region’s best vintage & handmade vendors. Admission to the market is FREE from 11am-6pm! Get in an hour early at 10am for $5 to get first pick of all the goods.

Leading up to the market, we’ll be sharing vendor spotlight posts that give you a chance to meet some of our amazing vendors in advance of the market. We are really excited to welcome back Jody of Flytrap Clothing to the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market.  Flytrap makes clothing inspired by the natural world and screenprinted by hand in their backyard workshop.  Here is Jody from Flytrap reflecting on her inspiration for her garments:


Like most people, I rented a lot of houses and apartments in my 20s, and I moved a LOT.  For about ten years, I was constantly either packing or unpacking.  Every year when spring came, I already knew I’d be somewhere else in August, but I would get so overwhelmed with excitement at the changing season that I’d plant a really robust garden anyway.  Tomatoes, cucumber, herbs, and annual flowers seemed to be non-negotiable, but by the time the tomatoes were really coming in, I’d be living somewhere else, driving by to look at them and wishing someone would pick them.  I’d promise myself I wasn’t going to spend money planting a garden the following year, but every year I would.

So of course when we bought our house in 2012, I immediately put in a bed of perennials out behind my workshop.  I will never forget the first plant I saw emerge that following spring.  It was a sedum.  It was both fragile and strong at the same time, pale green and fat, and the sight of that delicate floret emerging from the soil after the horrendous winter absolutely electrified me.  A garden I wouldn’t have to re-plant, or abandon?!  I’ll never forget it.  That was the year I really started honing in on the botanical side of my brand and I’ve run with it ever since.

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