Summer Market Vendor Spotlight: Maliasmark

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VTG CLT is popping up at the warehouse located at 2205 N Tryon, Charlotte, NC for the fourth annual Summer Market on July 24th (VIP Shop) and 25th (Market Day)! Come out and spend the day shopping with over 80 vintage & handmade vendors. Leading up to the market, we’ll be sharing vendor spotlight posts that give you a chance to meet some of our amazing vendors in advance of the market.

We are really excited to welcome back Malia from Maliasmark to the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market.  We love her nitty, gritty, fantastically rare vintage finds and can’t wait to see what she is brining to market.  Here is Malia with her story:

Maliasmark VTGCLTAt Maliasmark, we live by our tagline, Rust and Ruin, Reborn. We are driven by the knowledge that there are so many things that do not belong in a landfill. Whether they can still actually be used for their intended purpose, used in new and interesting ways, or just set on a shelf to bring a smile to our faces, we save these pieces from the past so they can be given a new future.
Maliasmark VTGCLT
We believe that your perfect space is not decorated but collected. Our customers are constantly looking for that next perfect piece. So, we tend to buy in collections and we want it all. Good news for decorators, for those decorating their own home in a theme, and for those who like a selection!
Maliasmark VTGCLT Maliasmark VTGCLT Maliasmark VTGCLT

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