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Our vendor spotlight posts give you a chance to meet some of our amazing vendors before the Vintage Charlotte Winter Market on November 15, 2014 at The Fillmore Charlotte.  We are really excited to welcome Sable & Gray to her first Vintage Charlotte market, here is Kristin talking about how it all started and some sneak peaks of her lovely stationary that will be coming with her to the market:

Kristin Hussey - Head Shot 2 bw

I always thought I wanted to be an Architect. I loved the idea of spending my days sketching and watercoloring houses from my imagination, and building models of someone’s dream home out of little bits of wood. After studying my toosh off and graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Architecture, I stepped off of campus and into the real world only to find that, during my time in school, architecture had become a computer-driven career. Where had the watercolors gone!?? Where were my detailed hand-made models!?? I realized that, unless I wanted to spend my days staring at a computer screen, it was time to reevaluate my career path and find something that I could really be artistic with; something that I loved.

I found that love in stationery. I am now able to spend my time doing the things that bring me joy… sketching, watercoloring, letterpressing, and calligraphy-ing. (I may have just made that word up) And these things not only bring me joy, they also bring joy to every person who receives them. I mean, what is better than opening the mailbox to see your name written in script across a colorful envelope? That’s SO much better than getting another email in your inbox or a “like” on facebook.

Popped the Question - sable & grayDad, You Are My Father

So I may not be the architect that I always thought I’d be, but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing what I love. Creating custom stationery makes me so very happy, and I hope to share that happiness with every person who opens their mailbox to see a beautiful, hand-made card or invitation from Sable & Gray.

Oh My Darling sable & gray

sable & gray

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